Aircraft Accidents and FlyDubai flight FZ981

The media clown car that has been driving full bore since Germanwings 9535 crashed, seemed ready to embark on yet another 3-ring circus of sensationalism before the debris from FlyDubai flight FZ981 even had a chance to cool. Fortunately, someone with smarts is cutting off the little clown car that would.
Originally on social media, the late Captain Aristos Sokratous was thrown into the spot light with nothing more to go on beyond his name. Did he purposely put the 737-800 into a no-return scenario by taking on dangerous weather? Why did he not fly to an alternate airport if wind shear was a threat?
For the answers to these and other ignorant questions, the media should be forced to wait for a thorough investigation like the rest of us. Experts who hopefully learned from the Germanwings fiasco, will conclude a complete cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder investigation before delivering competent possibilities based on facts – not opinion. They will then do what they are supposed to do: deliver probable causes that seek to find solutions, not waving an accusatory finger.
We can only hope.

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