Aircraft Accidents and Chaos

Bugs Bunny and the Gremlin from “Falling Hare

In the original Twilight Zone series’ Third Season, Episode Three: The Shelter, a group of friends learn a lesson about themselves when a 1960’s nuclear attack warning was announced in error. What resulted was chaos; neighbor turned against neighbor in a bid to survive until the erroneous warning was retracted. By then the neighbors wanted to go back to the way it was, but that … was impossible.

The United States’ condition is approaching a point of no return. Since mid-March, we, as a society, have been guided into lanes with no egress, beginning with the COVID-19 scare. Do I doubt COVID-19? No, I personally know of too many cases. But, I do not see the death and/or exposure data exceeding that of an annual flu season. In fact, there is no consistent information at all, no reliable data provided by trusted sources. One ‘authority’ says we will have a recurrence, while another says the virus is over … period. Who to trust? What to believe? No one, so far. How did we get here? Here is the edited version:

This Spring began with medical confusion: the ‘Wuhan Virus’. It was supposed to be a short shutdown to allow us to get control of the virus’s spread. What we ended up with was a gaggle of ‘experts’, medical ‘authorities.’ First, the medical authority (MA) said, we did not need masks … before we needed masks; the MAs then said we should be out in crowds before we had to isolate ourselves. Each day we hung on what the MAs would say next, like a Magic 8-Ball. By the end of April, we were mired in silliness.

Was the COVID virus as lethal as the MAs said? No one knows; the MAs don’t know; there was no data to compare it to, or so they said. The 2020 flu season got lost in the shuffle. But what about the data from all previous flu seasons? We were expected to believe career politicians and the mainstream media (MSM); as a whole, we gave up our careers, livelihoods and families, all to prevent … what? Has the true death count gone up or down? Factually, are there really new cases popping up or are there more cases because we have more testing? How many deaths are due to just COVID-19? Not one person can say definitively. How do COVID-19 cases differ from the flu we experience every year?

Like inebriated gremlins from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, our career politicians assaulted the framework of a booming economy, suffocated all ideas deemed Common Sense. Arguing with the diplomatic finesse of Moe Howard, the career politicians improvised plans to “save us all”, where they methodically exacted great harm upon the American Society’s unity – for political purposes. Irreparable damage was inflicted upon all industries – including the aviation industry. Then, an incident in Minneapolis gave career politicians the distraction they needed: create racial division and develop provocative slogans while slandering the heroes who keep us safe – the Police. One would wonder if targeting the Military is next.

And America got even crazier. Career politicians continued to divide. Suddenly rightful assembly was forbidden to prevent ‘selfishness’ from killing our neighbors. Church members were greeted with threats of legal action, while rioters, under the guise of ‘peaceful’ protesters, were free to amass in large groups. With silent political apathy, terrorists and anarchists roamed our large cities, unopposed; given freedom to destroy businesses. Innocent citizens of all ages, genders, races and creeds experienced character assassination, assault, looting, property destruction and murder, all in broad daylight, while career politicians attacked Law Enforcement, further alienating our heroes from those they served faithfully. All the while, a sycophantic MSM unashamedly lectured us about privilege; reporters, e.g. Ali Velshi reported about ‘mostly peaceful protests’, while a Minneapolis neighborhood burned behind him. How long will it be before all those who question are labeled ‘Subversive’?

And still the COVID scare rolled on. An uneducated public still confused COVID exposure numbers with fatality rates. The Health Director for California’s Health and Human Services Agency resigned. Why? Because their COVID-19 tracking, “… system was not built for this volume of data.” It is indicative of how reliable COVID tracking data is; of how fifty States don’t know what is going on. Are spontaneous COVID cases real or are they distractions?

To summarize: We have surrendered our liberties in thunderous reticence. We have conceded access to our families, homes and jobs to oblivious MAs with no practical experience. We have yielded our rights to religious expression and Police protection to career politicians who care nothing for public safety. Our Fears have hobbled Education; students and teachers have lost time under misguided State Education Administrators and corrupt Teachers Unions. Submissively, we relinquished control of our thoughts and opinions to a woke MSM intent on mocking and gagging us. Our rights to free speech and assembly have been capitulated to Children, who won’t even go back to college because, they do not feel safe. Meanwhile these children spread more fear and harm on the elderly than COVID-19 ever could. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, we have officially become the cast of The Simpsons.

However, the Coronavirus Chaos has brought about one positive result: Americans begin to clearly see these career politicians’ true colors. Career politicians overplay their hands, calling for mandatory masks wearing for … the next three months? Until November? Are they even trying to hide their disdain for us? Americans no longer question – they finally understand – that to career politicians, it is not about every American’s welfare, but of control, of power. Level-headed Americans are no longer taken in by a kowtowing MSM, who have aided career politicians in confusing and demeaning an American populace put off balance by irrelevant arguments, pitted American against American. In short, career politicians have dismissed what they were elected to do: Public Service. And cooler heads are seeing it.

Our nation is trying to rebuild, attempting an economic restart that has begun well, but will require all industries’ participation to succeed. I spoke of service; most aviation certificate holders are in the service business. Aviation is an indispensable industry, one that will lead the way, to get back in the game, full time. It very well may be the aviation industry that will get this economy, indeed the American Society itself, back in high gear.

The aviation industry has rarely been given a chance to utilize time to improve safety. The increased availability of resources and equipment down time; reduced flight schedules and more ground time has presented us with opportunities to improve. With aircraft used more economically, mechanics have more opportunities to put aircraft in prime mechanical shape; pilots can manage time to take advantage of more training. Train, repair and audit; Aviation cannot afford time to waste.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has this chance to see and be seen. Inspectors should be on ramps; walking through repair stations; looking at technical schools; investigating safety concerns on-site; revising manuals. There is much to do. If you are over sixty, wear a mask; stand a few feet back. But get out there. The FAA should be diligent, maintain a presence, supported by FAA management because safety does not take a day off.

If we, in the aviation industry, are proactive, we can bring back other industries, e.g. passenger travel, shipping, contractors, trucking, food services, fuel suppliers, transportation, tourism, restaurants, health services, rental services, hotel industry, retail suppliers and all other industries that are connected. Besides, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming; we must get families back together … again. We must meet the demand, now more than ever.

Before the soapbox is relinquished … Our country is divided in ways not seen since the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln once spoke about this. “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.” In addition to extending olive branches, refrain from incendiary language by turning off the Social Media. Try it for a couple of days. What to do instead? Read a book (I wrote two that are good). Play Scrabble. Write a letter – in cursive. Get some sun; jump in the pool or run through the sprinkler. Call a friend or …

… better yet, invite one to your home who you are ideologically opposed to; have pillows near at hand in case a fight breaks out. Keep cynicism absent; divert from sarcastic speech. Look not for triumph in quarrels but strive instead for understanding; in other words, Bring forth the better Angels of your nature. Lincoln reasoned, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them friends?” Do we, indeed.

In November, we will each face a challenge, Democrat, Republican, Independent, it does not matter. We have seen how Emotions tore our nation apart; they were not concrete or shared; they produced fear which forced us into hiding. For the election, let’s look at Facts. They are tangible, mutual and though unpleasant, they do not lie. Let us vote with our heads, not our hearts. There are three questions we should each ask ourselves this November, being sure to be honest with our answers. 1 – All of those elected representatives we chose; did each one accomplish what they said they would accomplish? 2 – Is the United States better, e.g. safer, stronger, freer, for what each one did or tried to do? 3 – Did each elected representative do what was right for all Americans or did they only do what was right for themselves?

To my fellow aviation folks (and anyone else who I am honored to have visit my website), be safe, be smart, be unafraid. For the United States, think with your head, not with your heart. And know this: we are going to get through this, we are going to be fine.