Aircraft Accidents and a Play on Words

I try to read the latest issues in aviation through a cornucopia of sources, some professional, some not so experienced. The articles range from the latest in technology to views on airline seating. Each person has the right to their views; I have no contest with one expressing their opinions on any subject as long as it is done honestly and with no designs to deflect.
I have no issues against unmanned aerial vehicles; UAVs are a necessary cog in our entrepreneurial industry. But UAVs should be able to become more accepted, more utilized and more versatile as time goes on. What I disagree with is making the UAV the ‘can’t-do-without-toy’ of the future. What I mean is that yes, they can serve a safety purpose in fires and floods; they are less expensive than flying a large helicopter with humans onboard; that they can reach a site faster because they can fly above traffic; but they haven’t proved that they can be used safely in the hands of amateurs.
To spout off to an uninformed public about the benefits of a UAV without taking into account the hazards said UAV can present provides a support group who knows nothing about the UAVs in question. The money could be better spent bringing UAVs up to code to operate within a saturated aviation system already overcrowded with aircraft.

Aircraft Accidents and Misdirection

Putin of Russia finally admitted to the world that the MetroJet tragedy was a result of a bombing. This is good news in that the investigation can proceed in the proper direction. Although the final outcome generates little comfort for the families, the fear that investigators were looking in the wrong place can now be dispelled and the proper action taken, be it political or military.
But for nearly three weeks the direction of the investigation was clouded by the chance that a structural or systemic failure might have brought down the airliner; that the investigation went too far off a necessary path to chase the theories of amateurs. It has happened before and it has delayed much needed investigation.

Aircraft Accidents and the Bizarre

I’ve tried, but I can’t come up with a better title. This whole MetroJet crash and follow up theories seems to get more bizarre as time moves on. This disaster has gone from an accidental tragedy to a back-and-forth of ‘professionals’ who appear to be desperately trying to support the terrorism rhetoric.
Look, I’m all for grounding fleets for safety checks, beefing up airport security, or even warning travelers of possible unsafe zones while routing aircraft to avoid such routes; these should not be prompted by the crash of an airliner. I don’t buy into the Chicken Little approach to accident investigation; calling the crash a terrorist bombing and then trying to prove it. This mindset is dangerous, incompetent, and counterproductive.
Let’s look at some of the theories that have been handed down by ‘experts’:
• The chances of a bombing are 90% – so why make it more than it is without evidence? Theory without proof is still theory and makes the speaker look incompetent when proved otherwise.
• The bomb was placed close to the fuel line to erase signs of explosive residue – if ISIS is trying to claim credit, why erase evidence that can be important to proving their claim?
• A group of ISIS soldiers go on record to claim responsibility – has anybody seen a picture of these guys? They look like they couldn’t prepare for battle, much-as-less prepare an explosive device.
When ‘professionals’ float a theory like ‘terrorist bombing’ without reliable evidence, it does all kinds of things. Gives credit to a pitiful terrorist band for something they might be incapable of doing (helps the terrorists); negatively impacts the economy of otherwise innocent nations (helps the terrorists); confuses the accident investigative process (hurts the flying public); and draws much needed resources away from a possible aircraft safety issue (hurts the flying public).
These professionals that shoot from the hip without proof are more dangerous than any terrorist faction. Look how well they handled MH370.

Aircraft Accidents and the Insanity

Sadly a Russian airliner, Metrojet 9268, crashed while climbing out of Sharm el-Sheikh killing 224 people. Word has reached the media that a bomb was on board; a theory supported with no evidence.
Let the insanity begin.
As soon as the unfounded theories begin, the rush is on to get a microphone in front of the faces of self-proclaimed experts, tapping their wealth of know-nothing knowledge. These are the same army of experts that put Xs all over the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea in the hopes of locating the MH370 crash site as if they were playing ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ with an Asian map. These are the crew of fools who blame those who MIGHT HAVE been responsible for accidents without a shred of evidence aside from their say-so.
So now the entire investigation goes astray to find supporting evidence before it is even properly investigated and other theories ruled out because the ISIS theory sells news.
Let the insanity begin!