Aircraft Accidents and a Play on Words

I try to read the latest issues in aviation through a cornucopia of sources, some professional, some not so experienced. The articles range from the latest in technology to views on airline seating. Each person has the right to their views; I have no contest with one expressing their opinions on any subject as long as it is done honestly and with no designs to deflect.
I have no issues against unmanned aerial vehicles; UAVs are a necessary cog in our entrepreneurial industry. But UAVs should be able to become more accepted, more utilized and more versatile as time goes on. What I disagree with is making the UAV the ‘can’t-do-without-toy’ of the future. What I mean is that yes, they can serve a safety purpose in fires and floods; they are less expensive than flying a large helicopter with humans onboard; that they can reach a site faster because they can fly above traffic; but they haven’t proved that they can be used safely in the hands of amateurs.
To spout off to an uninformed public about the benefits of a UAV without taking into account the hazards said UAV can present provides a support group who knows nothing about the UAVs in question. The money could be better spent bringing UAVs up to code to operate within a saturated aviation system already overcrowded with aircraft.

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