Aircraft Accidents and Abusing Influence

The NTSB has launched a new campaign to pressure airlines to install cameras in the cockpit of commercial airliners; the effort is supported by magazines, e.g. Forbes magazine, which the last time I checked is not an aviation magazine. This to me is abusing influence, pushing an unpopular agenda to shame the pilots into supporting the campaign.
The last thing a pilot needs in the cockpit is a set of eyes looking over his/her shoulder, recording all that goes on for permanent record. The introduction of a camera has nothing but a bad effect on the crew’s concentration, causing second guessing on decisions. The angle of video would also cast a negative influence on the atmosphere in the flight compartment.
If the NTSB wishes to use their influence, it should be for more constructively safe changes, not the latest fad inspired by non-aviation publishers.

2 thoughts on “Aircraft Accidents and Abusing Influence”

    1. I unedrstand that argument Douug, but my question would be: is that a problem to be fixed with cameras or better rest periods?

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