Aircraft Accidents and the Application

I read yesterday that there is a furor about the hiring process for air traffic controllers; it seems that several (well a lot more than several) qualified people were passed over for the air traffic controller training, including military and technical school trainees.
I don’t abide favoritism in any respect, nor do I stand for any unqualified people getting a leg up over anyone. But there is an aspect of this story that does not sit well with me. I’ve read in the story how these applicants deserve a place, but I don’t see why.
Let me explain.
I have hired people in my past; I’ve applied for all types of positions for the last thirty years; at no time should an application be placed in front of anyone who submits a better application – or resume – than anyone else.
Please remember what the application is for: air traffic controller. These positions are safety sensitive as well as security minded; they are not to be entered lightly and therefore should not be deliberated with any less tenacity. An application is the first impression; it is not to be expected by the applicant that the reviewer of the information should ‘know’ what is meant or ‘realize’ one’s experience(s). Those are not defensible arguments.
I’ve reviewed applications from people holding high degrees that read as if they couldn’t figure out a paper route application, much as less a highly sensitive application. I’ve known others who’ve applied, who left out qualifying information because the human resources person knows them by name. If I can’t understand an application, which communicates the simplest knowledge of someone, how is that someone supposed to communicate to an aircraft in flight?
Applications are important. If this is the problem and if the person(s) applying for the air traffic controller jobs did take this process a little less than seriously, my sympathies do not lie with him/her.

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