Stephen Carbone

Stephen Carbone is the author of The Air Crash Files: Jet Blast and The Air Crash Files: Thermal Runaway. These two novels are aviation thrillers; the first and second of a trilogy that concludes in the novel: The Air Crash Files: Flameout. They follow the investigatory exploits of Daniel Tenace (pronounced Ten-ah-chey), a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) aircraft maintenance major accident investigator. Tenace overcomes many hurdles, both technical and political, to discover dangers that the aviation industry faces today.
The Author, Stephen Carbone, is a former aircraft mechanic; his experience includes working for a major airline for nineteen years. During this time he acquired his Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Aviation Safety. He left the industry to take a position with the NTSB as the only airframe and powerplant certificated major accident investigator for aircraft maintenance. During those years he investigated ten accidents, both domestic and international. He designed NTSB courses and taught accident investigation techniques at the NTSB Academy, while acting as a liaison to the international accident investigation community.
He left the NTSB to work at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where he was involved in investigating major airlines, conducting safety audits and writing regulations and guidance. He remained involved with accident investigation for both Headquarters and the Eastern Region. He finished his career at the FAA designing safety courses, managing instruction and teaching at the FAA Academy.
Today he writes for aviation technical magazines and is working on his third novel. Stephen Carbone uses the experience cultivated during his years in investigations, as well as the store of knowledge he has working on the latest technology aircraft. His experiences working in the airline industry gives him a first-hand perspective that shows through in his writing, using the skills born of years of working closely to the industry he loves.