Aircraft Accidents and the Insanity

Sadly a Russian airliner, Metrojet 9268, crashed while climbing out of Sharm el-Sheikh killing 224 people. Word has reached the media that a bomb was on board; a theory supported with no evidence.
Let the insanity begin.
As soon as the unfounded theories begin, the rush is on to get a microphone in front of the faces of self-proclaimed experts, tapping their wealth of know-nothing knowledge. These are the same army of experts that put Xs all over the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea in the hopes of locating the MH370 crash site as if they were playing ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ with an Asian map. These are the crew of fools who blame those who MIGHT HAVE been responsible for accidents without a shred of evidence aside from their say-so.
So now the entire investigation goes astray to find supporting evidence before it is even properly investigated and other theories ruled out because the ISIS theory sells news.
Let the insanity begin!

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