Aircraft Accidents and the Absurd

Reuters published an article from an aviation psychology ‘expert’; the first absurdity is Reuters talking about aviation as if it is their specialty. The second absurdity is locating a psychology expert to speak to a random event as if it is more common. But then it goes on from there.
The ‘expert’ referenced the Germanwings 9525 tragedy, that the first officer flew the aircraft into the ground on purpose. You see days after the accident, European safety authorities dictated that there should be two people in the cockpit at all times; this is the same group of amateurs who decided to let the BEA investigate the accident instead of turning it over to law officials, or the equivalent of the FBI. People still deny that important information had been mishandled or lost from the BEA conducting an investigation it was not trained for.
But then a security ‘expert’ and a psychologist disagree on the safety authorities’ decision to keep two in the cockpit at the same time. It is more amazing to learn that this is even a topic of discussion; beyond Egypt Air 990 and Germanwings, there aren’t that many suicide jetliners that are not associated with ideology.
What we need are a lot less ‘experts’ and a lot more protocols followed. Finding the true cause of the tragedy by trained investigators into criminal activity should prevail over all the nonsense that a bored media has to offer.

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