Aircraft Accidents and Sensationalistic Journalism

In September of 2001, I picked through the wreckage of United flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The devastation was incredible; I will carry the memory of that infamous act to my grave. As I moved through the debris there was no doubt in my mind that the blame lay with terrorists bent on leveling a blow to the United States. However, the FBI consistently built the case against the Taliban to assure beyond doubt, the guilt of the terrorist organization. Allegation did not play into the case at all.
In this last year we have seen the tragic end to Germanwings 9535 and the FlyDubai flight FZ981 disaster. There is no denying the accidents are tragic; I would never trivialize the losses to the victims’ families.
But let’s see what I said about these two accidents and the 9/11 attacks. The difference is that a reputable organization like the FBI made sure the accusations they made against the terrorists were true and supported with hard evidence.
The aviation media however, has printed excerpts from the CVR for Germanwings and FlyDubai as if the representation of these excerpts were taken in context and true. I feel that these aviation journalists that populate the social medias, e.g. Twitter, prove to be what’s wrong with the media in general; they print ambiguous articles as if they’re true statements; they misrepresent the dead who have no recourse to defend themselves.
This is true injustice. It is what social media sinks to. And it is what we settle on: lousy reporting that delivers impotent feelings of superiority.

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