Aircraft Accidents and the Germanwings 9535 BEA Report

I’m not often fired up by incompetence, but this accident report takes the cake. For those who didn’t watch the media circus following this accident investigation, it was paraded through the media including in the US. So sure the First Officer purposely crashed the aircraft in a suicidal fit, the public was locked in on the verdict even before the BEA had the chance to complete the narrative.
On December 18, 2003, a Lineas Aereas Suramericanas DC-9-15F crashed in Mitu, Colombia. The cause was a broken cargo floor that trapped the control cables. The accepted narrative was that the horizontal stabilizer trim jackscrew ran away, like Alaska Airlines 261. Both pilots were blamed for controlled flight into a mountainside, when in reality they were vainly trying to get control of the plummeting jet.
Why does the BEA think the First Officer, Andreas Lubitz, committed suicide? For one he was diagnosed as depressed. How bad was his depression? The BEA would have you think that being diagnosed as depressed is enough. But one can be diagnosed as depressed because of serotonin levels being low; this causes insomnia, which drops the serotonin even more, causing further insomnia, ad infinitum.
Pilots are subject to erratic flight schedules, dead heading from home to domicile, as well as other job requirements that can disrupt circadian sleep, which will drop serotonin levels causing depression.
But the BEA would have you believe he killed himself and others just because he was depressed.
Certain types of depression are treatable with drugs, like Zoloft; there are no adverse side effects and noticeable results are usually within days.
He was heard breathing on the CVR … but nothing else; no prayers, no refusals to open the door, no giggling hysterically and no last words to his family. Unlike Egypt Air 990 where he made his peace with God before shutting off the engines and nosing the 767 over. So why the drama? Why let the people in the back suffer, just auger it in Andreas. Why would Lubitz drag it out? Was he a sadist as well as a mass murderer?
How about this scenario? Lubitz suffers a stroke. He is physically unable to flip the door switch; he’s alive and breathing, but shows no other signs of activity. Or maybe he has a full blown cardiac arrest? What, because he’s an athlete he can’t? My high school friend was fifteen and the track captain before he had a massive heart attack. He hung on for over an hour before dying, breathing in and out. I think it could happen … I know it could happen.
But that, like the Colombian accident would require work and a refusal to follow the narrative.

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