Aircraft Accidents and the FAA Re-Authorization Act Part 4

The FAA Re-Authorization Act also speaks to the changes that will take place for Flight Standards in SEC. 332. FAA TASK FORCE ON FLIGHT STANDARDS RE21
FORM. Included below the general recommendations, the FAA is organizing a 20-member team to look into: (2) reorganizing Flight Standards Services to establish an entity organized by function rather than geographic region, if appropriate;

This means that the FAA will undergo an aggressive, if not complete, overhaul of its flight standards offices. What does that mean to the average aviator? The change will be minimal and won’t disturb the day-to-day movement of aircraft. However, the term ‘function rather than geographic region’ suggests that the FAA will no longer do business as a collection of regions, but will instead be national in its concerted efforts for consistency.

This is actually a good thing. The plan, as it seems, is to make, e.g. General Aviation answers-to-questions and legal interpretations be consistent across the US as opposed to being indigenous to one region. The hope is to have every airline, repair station, air taxi and general aviation person in New York be equal to their counterparts in California.

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