Aircraft Accidents and Dodging the Green Light

I read an article today that a manufacturer is designing special glasses that will break down the effects of laser light shone into a cockpit. I agree with this direction, I really do. For one, something must be done to stop the rash of illegal behavior and two … well, anyone willing to invest money in a new idea has got my vote.
But whose rules are we playing by here? It seems to me that if we continue to escalate the responses, the counter strategies will be to find a stronger laser pointer or something even more dangerous.
This is something that must be dealt with proactively, not reactively. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that these misfits are gambling with countless lives in an airliner; it’s a Federal crime to sabotage an airliner in any way. We need to up the ante; airlines, airports and law enforcement need to brainstorm to find more successful ways and the perpetrators need to be punished severely with thousands of dollars in fines PLUS five to ten years in prison for each violation. After all, what are they doing if not trying to bring down airliners? And when they are punished, they should be held up for the whole world to see, not find their way to page sixteen of the newspaper.
Maybe my suggestion isn’t the best, but I urge anyone to top it. Let’s take the gloves off before we stand next to a smoking hole wondering what we could have done.

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