Aircraft Accidents and Productive Recognition

A gentlemen who I met through this blog and I had a conversation one time; it was e-mail to e-mail, but very interesting. He and I had conducted accident investigations from opposite sides of the fence; he as a contractor-without-a-net and me, from the safety of the Board. Even though we never worked together on a particular accident, our views of persons and events paralleled each other’s in many ways; I learned that some of my views were … misguided.
I had taken umbrage with people who were making the circuits, dispelling safety advice without the personal history to support it. The truth is that anyone whose voice expounds on aviation safety should not be suppressed just because they lack proficiency to make a point. After all, who am I to put limits on what a person knows? From that I finally learned a long-time-coming lesson in humility.
But I also discovered what it was that actually concerned me. Last week I read an opinion piece written by another friend of mine; it was strictly pandering to a special interest, but worse, the opinion piece made no sense at all. In fact it flew in the face of everything my friend stood for only so many years ago. This person was no longer a voice for safety.
My friend was now a lobbyist.

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