Aircraft Accidents and Ignoring the Inevitable Drone Mishap

I firmly believe in entrepreneurship; I feel that everyone – that is, EVERYONE – deserves a shot at the Gold Medal, if not in the Olympics, then by their ideas.
However, though I hold entrepreneurship so highly, my experience dictates to me that Safety be above all else. My big concern these days is over the smallest aircraft yet – Drones. Whether or not Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) entrepreneurs are responsible for, what I’ll term: Rogue Drones, they do too little to prevent the impending disaster at the hands of amateurs with no regard for safety. Mark my words, there will be an accident of great consequence brought about by the abuse of these unmanned aerial vehicles.
As UASs become more popular, they will be harder to control. UAS entrepreneurs push for more freedoms, but the technology they try to sell as safe does not address the major concerns, e.g. Fires in the Inland Southern California region were hampered by amateur unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators getting in the way of aerial firefighters to the point that the planes were grounded to avoid mid-air collisions. Traffic helicopters have videoed UAVs in dangerously close proximity to other helicopters; one was even followed down to the UAV operator himself, who upon discovering his being taped, took off at a run, hopping through neighborhood driveways and backyards. Near misses are a daily occurrence with large commercial aircraft.
A line should be drawn; there should be no freedoms given until acceptable controls are put in place. Since many of the UAS entrepreneurs are manufacturers, this should weigh heavily upon their shoulders to fix this issue before something tragic happens because of it.

2 thoughts on “Aircraft Accidents and Ignoring the Inevitable Drone Mishap”

    1. Doug, you and I have spoken briefly about this; the events you cite in that report are just what’s reported. It’s almost like the reported incidents with laser pointers aimed at aircraft windscreens: there are more than what’s reported. If you want to see a Congressional gymnastics event, wait until an airliner ingests one of these things and kills people, not in the single digits or double digits, but in the triple digits. Then the foolish representatives will realize which side of the argument they need to be on.

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