Aircraft Accidents and Conspiracy Theorists III

TWA 800: Again, simply put, a scandal of this size would be unsustainable. The ability to keep an entire naval vessel quiet about shooting down an airliner would be on a scale of impossible. Imagine the logistics of keeping several hundred naval personnel, plus those that are part of their battle group and the officers up the chain privy to the shootdown. Now to assure their silence, what would the government have to do to them, their families, their neighbors and friends who would have some knowledge of the naval person and the ship they were assigned to.
The next question would be: Why? Many conspiracy theorists don’t look beyond the headlines in their head and ask the question of why. What would the US government gain by murdering its civilians? A hostile government could gain by it, but there was no proof in it, so why would this be necessary; to what end would it lead?
So there are those who feel that a missile was sent aloft to take out the B747. Was it a mistake or intentional? The conspiracy theorists really don’t elaborate. So we would look at two previous attacks on commercial aircraft: one a B747 and the other an A300.
On July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes mistook Iran Air 655, an Airbus A300-B2, as a hostile aircraft and launched a missile, taking the airliner out and killing all onboard. It was nearly impossible to hide the event – I suppose an attempt could have been made – so much so that within hours the whole world knew.
On September 1, 1983, a Russian Sukhoi Su15 Interceptor fired on KAL 007, a B747, again, killing all onboard. These attacks are not easy to conceal; they happen out in the open.
So what does the conspiracy theorist gain by dragging out an investigation? But again it’s the fantastic damage these people do that makes these head trips so cruel. Again, imagine finding out that your government that you pay taxes to, vote for leaders, defend in all arguments; what if you found out it murdered your son or daughter? It puts the victims’ families through such a whirlwind of unending propaganda, each designed – not to finding the truth – but to keep the story alive, the controversy alive, just to feed an ego or two.
Then there’s the damage to the investigation itself. So many resources dedicated to the disproving of all the theorists, not one that deals with actual events. All this time and effort is wasted pursuing conspiracy theories that the true cause becomes muddied, the investigators badgered for ‘hiding the truth’. Eventually, when the results of good investigation do come out, the quality of the end product of the investigation report is tainted; the investigators spend less time improving safety than defending the evidence.
This is true evil of conspiracy theorists. And when these conspiracy theories come out, ask yourself: what qualifies these fools to speak out; what evidence do they possess; what experience do they have?
And why do they keep yelling over everybody?
“If you have the facts, argue the facts; if you have the law, argue the law; if you have neither, bang the table.”
George Will

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  1. Page 3 of the most recent ISASI FORUM recounts a webinar/skype session that included the ISASI president Frank Del Gandio. Frank gave an overview of the TWA 800 investigation and evidently remembered much from 20 years ago. The international participants, as reported, were still interested in all the conspiracies surrounding 800. This was an audience who should know better.

    BTW, it wasn’t EMI nor a missile.

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