Aircraft Accidents and Conspiracy Theorists II

Here’s something I don’t often readily admit to: in my past I worked for the government for almost two decades. In some circuits that is paramount to being a zombie, or even worse … a used car salesman.
Although I am being glib, having worked for the government gives me insight into how the different branches of the government work together … they don’t. Imagine what happens when several species of shark swim together; they keep a respectful distance, eyeing each other, gauging each other. But let one call attention to itself, keep the kill to itself or worse … start to bleed; the other species will engage in a feeding frenzy.
The branches of government are like this; they rarely, if ever, work hand-in-hand with each other as is portrayed in spy movies or novels. In July 1999, several branches of government, e.g. the NTSB representing the Department of Transportation, pleaded to President Clinton to be the lead division on the JFK Jr. accident. Trivial disagreements, including vanity, prevent government divisions from working together.
That’s why the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 boggle the mind. To imagine a plot that the Federal government, the most dysfunctional organization in the world, designed the 9/11 attacks has as much chance of being cultivated as taking a casual stroll to the Moon through the vacuum of space. But conspiracy theorists will have us believe that an aggressive take-over of four airliners was conceived of within the first eight months of President Bush the younger’s first term in office; that the military, the FAA, the CIA, and the FBI somehow made a joint effort to design this fantastic plot.
I took part in the 9/11 investigations: I was at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, Shanksville, PA, and the little known collection place: Fresh Kills in Staten Island. I can give some validity to what was reported: hijackers crashed the four airliners on 9/11/2001.
Flight 93: Conspiracy movies like ‘Loose Change’ suggest that Flight 93 landed in either Cincinnati or Cleveland where the plane was parked. The passengers were herded off the plane and were never heard from again. However, I stood at the crater; I heard the cockpit voice recorder; I collected evidence with the FBI; and I saw parts, e.g. a 757 landing gear and flaps traceable to N591UA.
Ground Zero: Again ‘experts’ calling themselves ‘engineers’ insist timed charges were used during the collapse as seen from footage where windows blew out when the towers fell. But the floors pancaked down upon the floor below, the air escaped sideways, blowing out the windows. Again, the traceable aircraft parts were found from the hijacked airliners.
The Pentagon: Conspiracy theorists in one sentence say the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a B757. In the next statement they point to parking lot light posts knocked over by the aircraft’s wings, laying towards the building – not away by an explosion. They contradict themselves from one sentence to the next.
Beyond the lack of respect these conspiracy theorists show towards the victims, these fools go out of their way to inflict emotional distress on victims’ families by pedaling their idiocy on these family and friends attending memorial events. Their propaganda tears at the very fabric of healing and national support, further adding to the tragedy by suggesting the dead were not victims of radicals, but of their own government’s desperate attempt to use the deaths as a power grab.
This is also dangerous. It divides a people against a common enemy and points their anger at imaginary governmental cohesion. It lowers necessary attention of threats from hostile nations. As time goes on, complacency replaces memory and we don’t feel the urgency to remain alert. Conspiracy theories misdirect attention from threats; they dull scrutiny of dangerous circumstances; they deaden the nerves at a time we should be alert, watchful and protective of our loved ones.

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