Aircraft Accidents and Culture

I had a discussion about the Federal Aviation Administration’s move to privatize air traffic control. I understand the push against such a leap; the FAA has been in control of ATC for years. But what is the function of the FAA to industry?
First, the FAA is not a business; a culture exists, but not one likened to an airline; it is more in line with Law Enforcement than making a profit. Airmen and air operators are under the FAA’s oversight; the main function is air safety as is the responsibility of the Federal Railroad Administration to oversee the railroad industry’s safety. Yes, the FAA provides a service, but it is not for monetary gain; any monies it gets are from certifications, engineering and civil penalties.
But then ATC is not a business either; it also provides a service. But the service is traffic, not oversight. When an airliner violates certain airspace or pilots break their altitude, the FAA handles the violation, not the air traffic controller.
And that’s the difference: FAA is oversight; ATC is not.

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