Aircraft Accidents and Engine Failure

The NTSB reported that two incidents – a Delta 747-400 and a JetBlue A320 – occurred recently involving engine failure. Engine failure, a classification that cannot be fully appreciated unless one understands the forces a jet engine works under.
Increasingly compressing air, expanding forces of ignition and the rush of this exhaust to exit the tail are underappreciated for what power that is. The compressor and turbine sections spinning at an incredible speed, perfectly balanced and carefully maintained to avoid catastrophic failure.
In 1996, Delta flight 1288 had an uncontained engine failure on an MD-88; the blades separated from the engine core, pierced the fuselage and killed two passengers. The findings pointed to a crack in a compressor hub. In 1989 United DC-10, flight 232 crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, after a catastrophic failure of the stage 1 fan disk of the #2 engine.
On September 18, 2014, Jet Blue flight 1416 suffered an engine failure inflight out of Long Beach. Three days later a Delta 747-400 suffers engine failure on climb out of Atlanta.
After Delta 1288, the NTSB recommended upgrading the inspections of internal engine components. However that was almost twenty years ago. Slowly we forget the lessons of the past, and are doomed to repeat them.

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