Accurate Coverage of an Aircraft Accident

I was searching for information for the AirAsia flight #8501 airline accident. I came across a Fox News interview with a retired commercial pilot/trainer; a woman who flew airliners and trained pilots that fly commercial airliners. Perhaps this sounds glib; it’s not meant to diminish the tragedy that took place in the Java Sea Sunday, bringing to an end the promising lives of 162 souls.
I mention the interview because I feel that the media may be learning – albeit slowly – that victims’ family members suffer greatly under the constant barrage of inept ‘experts’ that plague the news programs with their witless concepts of why a modern jetliner can crash. After watching with utter amazement the parade of fools that vied for the camera during the search for Malaysia Airlines flight #370, it infuriated me to think that that idiocy could happen again.
However, in addition to some quality questions, the commercial aviation expert, Kathleen Bangs laid out the issues, speaking from a wealth of experience. She fielded the questions in a sober, yet compassionate way by not communicating false hope. The interview lasted about four minutes but provided more reliable information than I heard in two weeks of Malaysia MH370 coverage by former Chairmen, Directors, law-makers – all better known as bureaucrats, aka know-absolutely-nothings.
I worked enough accidents to know that the true victims are not the deceased; they are at rest. The victims’ families have to listen to these charlatans spew anything to get the reporters to keep calling them. For the moment at least, somebody is finally looking out for the families.

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