A Most Unfortunate Aircraft Accident

No one challenges personal victories. A child walks despite a doctor’s prognosis, a cancer victim outlives expectations; these victories inspire.
But some deny a bad hand dealt; my mother passed from an incurable disease; she accepted her mortality; it was brave … and wise. A paralyzed man can’t compete in the Olympics, a blind woman won’t drive a car; we all should accept our limitations, both physical and mental.
There are aircraft accidents I hated investigating: those without discipline.
A person recently died in a sports aircraft accident near my home. He/She suffered from several physical ailments that likely prevented a standard pilot’s license; conditions that didn’t preclude other ways to enjoy aviation. Instead this person chose to go the sports pilot license route – limited speed and altitude, valid driver’s license and NO medical required.
The deceased (< 40) left behind a young child, a spouse, parents and siblings.
Do I question his/her tenacity or ambition? No. But I question sidelining others’ needs; selfishly chasing dreams denied by chance, DNA or God. The FAA allows these limited licenses for … honestly, I don’t know why. But to ‘pilot’ one of these fragile vehicles, taking to the skies with undisciplined arrogance like in the movie Fly Away Home or the mythical Daedalus. One doesn’t risk their own futures; many family members are left behind making excuses for an ego lost to pride, many events a growing child’s parent will miss.
And like Daedalus’s son Icarus, this person ignored life’s rules, paid no heed to the limits placed, falling in ruin to earth a final time.

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