UAVs are Airplanes and Can Cause Aircraft Accidents

The FAA has been tasked with writing rules for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones. Will this cause an uproar? Are baggage fees annoying? Absolutely.
Look, I support entrepreneurs; it is what Capitalism is all about. But this is not about who can play and who can’t. It is about SAFETY … period. It is important to note that the Aviation industry isn’t conforming to the UAV industry, the UAV industry has to conform to the Aviation industry; the commercial aviation industry has been around for almost seventy years.
Aviation is a unique mode of transportation: its safety affects not only the safety of the air traffic system, but the people on the ground. It becomes the only 3-dimensional transportation safety threat. Imagine a highway with an X, Y and Z axis lanes; it is occupied only by large and small trucks moving at great speeds … on a moonless night (not physically seeing other traffic) … with their lights on (transponder); they communicate via GPS and CB radio.
Now imagine countless bicycles, motorcycles and SMART cars running in and out of these trucks with no lights, communications or GPS. And add to this that they are piloted by radio-control with a 2-dimensional view.
A poor analogy? Perhaps. An aircraft accident that comes from a UAV strike will not be as survivable as the Miracle on the Hudson. An organization like the FAA is in the unique position to watch out – not only for the UAV industry – but for the safety of an established industry.

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