Why Aircraft Accidents Will Continue to Happen

The goal of every accident investigator is to become obsolete, put oneself out of a job by sheer success. I know of no aircraft accident investigator who gets up in the morning looking forward to the next smoking hole with glee. After a while the tragedies either harden you, make you immune, or they consume you.
The very nature of man – our nature – that drives us to protect others in one instant becomes complacent in the next. That may sound cynical, but as we make great leaps in improving our world, don’t we lower our guard just a little bit more? Don’t we defer our worries to technology and trust it to decide for us? Are we apt to trust someone – sight-unseen – whose only proof of a capable product is based solely on their word?
Consider this: reliability of anything less than 100% is unacceptable. A doctor, a food preparer, even a mechanic or pilot has to have a reliability of 100% when working.
I think aircraft accident investigators are going to be employed for a long time.

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