Aircraft Accidents and the Imitation of Art

Count Dooku’s Realization

It would be difficult to find anyone from the age of five to one hundred and five who does not know who this movie character is or why he is in this predicament; from the 2005 movie Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (SW:ROTS), the one-time leader of the infamous Separatist forces, Count Dooku. In this scene, Dooku suddenly realized, at his end, how he had been betrayed and played for a fool by his Boss. In this moment, Dooku understood he sacrificed everything, gained nothing, and was to be blamed for all the galaxy’s pain and suffering; his pathetic death would only amount to the ignobility of being his ignorant successor’s first ‘kill’. The successor was a whiny Dark Lord who spent his entire professional career driven by his own emotions. No FACTS … just plenty of moodiness, better known as FEELINGS.

Sound familiar? Rarely has life imitated art more than it did with the Star Wars prequels. As each movie premiered, deceptions intensified; each character wandered further from their moral center. Fifteen years since the movie premiered, we, as a nation, to our peril, ignore the depths to which we are all falling. The crises we have nurtured to bring upon ourselves; the lengths we go to turn on our own; we are forgetting who we are as Americans. We have truly met the enemy, and they are us.

As awful as the 9/11 attacks were, we banded together as a nation unlike any other time since Pearl Harbor. Yet, with the recognition of the twentieth year since the 9/11 attacks, another generation has reached adulthood, unaware of the United States (US) before 9/11’s infamy. In that twenty-years, what have industries across this great nation forgotten? It is a valid question because we fail to remember what America was like before CVD-19. How will this generation survive? All industries, many businesses, will be devastated if the future does not correct. If, that is, we remain ignorant of what is needed to correct.

Take Aviation Safety: Do we honestly believe we are safer today than we were two years ago? With the CVD’s crippling effects on society, has the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) been consistently conducting on-site surveillance of air operators, repair stations, aviation schools, manufacturing when FAA inspectors are not even allowed to be in their offices? How many FAA enroute inspections have been conducted? With an Airbus A350 being able to seat up to 369 passengers or a Boeing 777 seating up to 396 passengers, what numbers will be most prominent: a 0.25% or less CVD-related death rate over 18 months in many cities or the over 400 people killed in one second from a safety-related accident? How will the Count Dookus in the media spin those numbers?

Take the Aviation industry: How has the nation’s switch from energy independence to dependence on foreign oil benefited the US? Has the US’s tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan signaled to the Middle East that the US is now vulnerable to oil price hikes? During this brief pause in the two-year old CVD-19 scare, travel will (supposedly) pick up … for a while. The airlines will pass the rising fuel costs onto the flying public. Hotel and rental car industries will eventually suffer as travel slumps. When smaller airlines fold due to decreasing traffic, what is the first thing to go? Training and Maintenance. Safety will suffer. The numerous mechanics, pilots, etc. jobs will dry up. Repair Station contract opportunities will suffer … again. A traveling public that originally enjoyed vacations, will no longer travel because their industries, such as food service, medical, manufacturing and others, are being crippled. Why? Because stimulus checks paid people NOT to work. When the stimulus checks stop – as they will – the jobs that dried up, will no longer be hiring. Why? Because they will no longer exist. Customers will not ship air freight; buying online will be gone, all due to the Count Dookus who are misdirecting us.

Take the Tourism industry: Does anyone believe that those who run, e.g., Disney, are worried about the threats to tourism? Their money is in Media and Communications; the parks are money makers, but not where they are making their Big Cash. The Park employees are expendable. Do airline bigwigs still take stimulus money? Do airline employees see the stimulus money or are they dependent on the success of the airline, their futures riding on the sustainability of a hurting economy?

Take the Aircraft Manufacturing industry: Do we understand what the ramifications of deserting military equipment in the Kabul evacuation means? Aviation technologies, born in the US, will be China’s. All US advances in aviation, e.g., composites, will be lost to an uncivilized Taliban. Military weapons will be dissected and studied by our enemies. Our manufacturing breakthroughs, originally considered top secret to give our military a leg up, which were so irresponsibly abandoned by military leadership, will be used against our sons and daughters. How many of these Count Dookus will be held responsible for the damage this has done to the aviation industry and national security?

Take the Defense industry: the refugees that arrived from Afghanistan are welcome, indeed many deserve to be here for the help they provided to US servicemen and women. But were all of those that came over the refugees who helped us? Was there a reason some made their way unmolested to the planes while others were barred, physically, from getting out? Are refugees being kept on the military bases or are they allowed to wander into surrounding neighborhoods without limits? Have they been treated for CVD-19?

Take the Medical industry: Nurses are being fired because they refuse to be vaccinated. How will the drop in available medical practitioners affect the costs of health care? How will the quality of health care be affected? How is it that medical practitioners we hailed as heroes a year ago are now dismissed, so easily terminated because, as medically qualified they recognize the dangers of an unproven vaccine? But some may say, “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Pfizer vaccine.” Did they? Has anyone read the FDA’s letter of ‘approval’? The Pfizer letter did not approve the Pfizer vaccine; it continued the emergency authorization issued per Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act. Per the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), “An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) under Section 564 of the FD&C Act allows for the special use of drugs and other medical products under certain types of emergencies.” What this means, per ASTHO, “An EUA permits the use of unapproved medical products … in unapproved ways to diagnose, treat or prevent serious diseases …” Furthermore, “An EUA authorization under FD&C Act § 564 does not contain or confer any tort liability protections by itself …” This means that if the vaccine causes other health problems, including death, a patient is not necessarily covered by insurance. In other words, if you die from vaccine-induced complications, your family still may not receive the insurance benefits. Not … one … cent.

One third of the US population is not vaccinated; some races far outnumber other races in defying the vaccine mandates; NOTE: it is not the white race. The Bottom Line is Nobody trusts bureaucrats to tell them to get a vaccine; that belief spans all races and both genders. Would that be considered racism to force any race to vaccinate against their will? The forced vaccine mandates and vaccine passports will paralyze the aviation industry; people will refuse to fly before taking the vaccine. The departure of medical industry professionals and any industry persons involved in supplying US citizens with medical treatment will cripple health care. How many Count Dookus will be held accountable for this?

But let us return to the point about firing medical professionals for refusing the vaccine. In the last few years, the Military has been slandered; this discrediting was increased by the recent rushed exit from Afghanistan ordered by inept military leaders. The law enforcement community has been demonized, officers killed, some local governments smearing them, since the summer of 2019. Firefighters are presently being pressured to vaccinate in cities like Los Angeles; those refusing to vaccinate are threatened with losing their jobs and their pensions. Now medical personnel, such as nurses, who worked tirelessly during the real CVD crisis, are being terminated from their jobs for not taking the vaccine. How quick we are to destroy the lives of those who disagree with us, who helped us when we needed them; those with a far more experienced grasp on what this vaccine represents. Think about it: those who have dealt with CVD patients daily, say, “Do not take the vaccine,” while politicians and bureaucrats with no understanding of this virus, crush our defenders without a trace of compassion.

One might ask, if the vaccine is so imperative, why not give the approved drug Hydroxychloroquine? It remains unclear why Hydroxychloroquine was denied to so many who could have been saved. Did that make sense? Meanwhile, what are the fatality numbers? According to the latest Johns Hopkins University numbers, the CVD fatalities recorded in cities like Birmingham, Alabama: 1 in 394 (0.25%); Spokane, Washington: 1 in 683 (0.14%); Madison, Wisconsin: 1 in 1,571 (0.06%). We are hiding from a virus with a 99.7% survival rate and that is including those with pre-existing conditions. What these numbers do not record are the ages of the deceased, their pre-existing health conditions or if their death was agitated by an event, such as a car accident or house fire. What these numbers say is that the fatality rate is almost imperceptible. In the meantime, the Red Cross will take whole blood, stem cells and blood plasma from the unvaccinated; no hesitation, no requirements, no limits, no problems. How hypocritical.

Pick an industry; find a group that will not be debilitated by rising fuel costs, rising health care costs, rising food costs, rising electricity costs. The independent trucking industry; food service industry; hospitals and emergency services industries; retail industries. All industries, sabotaged by imaginary health scares and unnecessary rising costs. Our international strategies and trust devastated by the US’s ignorant withdrawal strategy from Afghanistan. Look for gas lines that go on for miles, just like in the 1970s. Supply lines devastated more than they are now. More people entering unemployment.

As this article is put to digital paper, the government is ‘forgiving’ student loans, readying more stimulus money and making it harder for small businesses, like Mom-and-Pop repair stations, to survive. When the check comes due – because it will – how many will feel that Entitlement was such a good idea? What of those whose education is lost in the pending job shortage? Will we ever feel that destroying work ethics will improve life? Whole generations will wake up one day and realize they are unable to rent, provide for their families or even buy a home. Watch as entry-level jobs evaporate due to illogical minimum wages and robotics. The food service industry is already turning to artificial intelligence and robotics will soon replace food preparers. Air cargo sort facilities will follow their courier services’ lead and go robotic for everything, from aircraft loading to full cargo sorting. This will follow into passenger service where live ramp employees will be phased out to prevent paying exorbitant minimum wages, health care costs and time off. Future generations, with no skills, will woke themselves into poverty. What Count Dooku will this impotent generation blame then?

Nothing over the last year and a half makes sense; each government demand is illogical and not based in facts. Hydroxychloroquine, an approved drug shelved while an untested and unapproved vaccine is pushed for mass distribution. A virus with an imperceptible fatality rate inspiring massive fear; bureaucrats silencing doctors; our protective agencies being demonized; our economy being sabotaged; the Middle East being destabilized; politicians so untrustworthy their incompetence would be comical if they were not so serious. And all the while, these destructive strategies are lauded for their diversity and humanity.

One more reference from SW: ROTS, where Life imitates Art. When all the galaxy began the twenty-year duration of the Galactic Empire, Senator Amidala said, “So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.” We are in danger of losing all our liberties. Only those who do not understand are cheering.

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