Aircraft Accidents and an Executive Order

Last Wednesday, while rewriting a class on Repair Stations, my coworkers and I were informed that the course material, regulations and all, must be put on hold for the time being. The reason to do so is because of Executive Order, until the dust settles from the change of Administrations.
Anger rose as two people started in with the partisan comments; I raised my voice among the disagreement to point out that this occurs every time America elects a new Administration; we need to stop the nonsense and get back to preparing the class without the guidance to reference. “This isn’t the place or the time for political discussion,” I said. “And quite frankly, I don’t have the stomach for the futility of both sides of the argument.”
These types of Executive Orders are the norm; it occurs in order to determine what it is an Administration must do to get their agendas moving forward. Every successfully elected President has put the brakes on government policy until the lawyers can identify conflicting regulations; they’ve been doing this since some of the earliest Presidencies.
Why does this happen? Is it designed to hamper commerce and progress? Just like last minute orders and reprieves, an outgoing President often – more often than not – adds last minute agendas to the laws, hoping that the incoming Administration will be too preoccupied with ‘taking over’ to notice, that is, until it is too late.
The time wasted on this is an inconvenience, but usually not more than that. Any challenges to the rules of law can either be delayed or referred to the law at the time of question. A delay would amount to a few weeks, at most, giving both parties in a dispute more time to prepare.
Referring to a law relevant to the timeframe, the law would have to relate to the time period in which the law was violated. Since this will usually be the course of things, the law broken has to be judged by the circumstances at the time, e.g. if it is unlawful to do something in 2016 when the law was violated, the change in law in 2017 has no influence on the 2016 law’s validity; the decision will be made by the law broken by 2016 standards.
All things will go back to business as usual in no time, or within a short time. It is sad to see how rumors start, especially with political disagreements. This President, whether right or wrong, has the right and privilege to enforce an Executive Order to delay government guidance and regulation, just as Obama, did … and Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, etc.

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