Aircraft Accidents and Coincidences

Monday, June 27, a Singapore B777 returned to Changi Airport in Singapore after the #2 engine displayed a low oil warning two hours out; they dumped fuel and made tracks back to the origin airport. During the rollout, the #2 engine caught fire, spraying flames over the top of the wing.
In some ways it was reminiscent of the British Airways B777 that caught fire in Las Vegas/McCarran Airport during its takeoff roll. The engine for both aircraft was a General Electric GE-90 and, of course, both were B777 aircraft. Engines on both aircraft burst into flame during low thrust under unusual circumstances.
The BA B777 was found to have a high pressure compressor failure – the section that is just before the burner section – causing the compressor blades in this area to liberate from the spool, sending these shards out to penetrate vital areas of the engine and case. It also causes an imbalance in the fast rotating compressor spool, which was made irrelevant by the engine being shut-down.
The Singapore B777 received an engine oil warning (ambiguous) two hours into the flight; the pilots decided to return the Changi. During the return, they dumped fuel and according to procedures, would have had to do something to reduce the damage to the #2 engine for the two hour flight home, whether shut it down or throttle back to low idle. Either way, the engine would have been turning in the jet stream, heating up the core.
An aviation analyst stated that Singapore’s engine caught fire due to migrating fuel ‘clinging’ to the wing and being set off by hot brake sparks. This seems unlikely because of air stream pressure and the jettison pumps forcing the fuel out of nozzles located near the wingtip at a pressure of 36psi. It would seem more likely that a faulty jettison pump may have leaked and caught fire, being located behind the engine.
Two fires on two separate B777 aircraft taking place during an active flight on the same model engine. This will probably require further scrutiny and draw the attention of B777 Operators worldwide.

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