Aircraft Accidents and Controlling Air Traffic Control

As part of a $16.4 billion funding bill, the US Senate Appropriations Committee called for a banning of any Congressional financial support aimed at privatization of the FAA air traffic control system.
That doesn’t seem very fair. As I’ve mentioned before, the FAA (and DOT) is/are in the business of oversight. They’ve deferred the development of NextGen systems to industry; all the equipment and testing is conducted by the private sector; all the investment is made by the private sector with subsidies from the Federal Government. It is time to consider letting the air traffic control system be run like a business and if the FAA wants to conduct surveillance and oversight, then they would be doing their jobs, as opposed to self-policing.
Besides, can you think of one movie that when the government took over the reins, everything didn’t fall apart? No, huh? I rest my case.

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