Aircraft Accidents and a Lack of Understanding

The government is at it again; they are nothing if not consistent. Senators are trying to enforce rest requirements on cargo airlines that are required for passenger airlines. The regretful part of this is that cargo airlines do not operate anything like a passenger airline. Furthermore, the argument for more government involvement is hampered by this example of government naiveté.
Cargo airlines operate most of their flights at night; the overnight variety often start their flight in an out-station, fly direct or one-stop to their hub. At the hub, the freight sorts take several hours before the flight crew is sent back out to the field. According to their bid, they will either return to the hub during four of the seven days or layover for more than twelve hours.
A passenger airline will operate flights through an eighteen-hour day. The routes can cover any number of airports with short layovers. The difference between the two types of air operators is like comparing a bus service to a freight truck; each has its own priorities and each meets schedules that are vastly different.
Unfortunately, our elected officials cannot see what is obvious to others; a lack of understanding is what accidents are all about.

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