Aircraft Accidents and Non-Traffic Avoidance

Jersey City recently received clearance from the FAA to raise 950 foot business office tower. What does that mean? It’s a tower; surely it doesn’t pose a threat to aviation as long as it’s put in the correct place, right?
The approval of a structure of significant height is no easy task; several contributing factors must be considered. Not only would the obvious problem of commercial traffic be a big concern, but also the placement of the tower near smaller airports and fields.
In addition, the type of tower, e.g. is it a building housing businesses or is it a radio tower. If it’s a radio tower, will the lighting for night departure and approaches be adequate; will its signals jam aircraft communications?
The tower in question in Jersey City being an office building should be placed to guarantee not only normal traffic from nearby airports like Newark-Liberty, but also not stand in the way of emergency diversions, that all air traffic has a clear path to make an emergency turn in cases of, e.g. an aborted approach wave off.
There are other factors, to be sure. But this should give an idea of the problems with erecting even the simplest of towers can be.

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