Aircraft Accidents and the Threat to Passenger Safety Part One

British Airways flight BA2276 caught fire on a runway in Las Vegas’s McCarran Airport on Tuesday; the evacuation was successful, all having survived by using the escape slides. One passenger, Jacob Steinberg, a reporter for The Guardian a British tabloid had tweeted – according to CNN – that, “a few people had cuts or bruises from the emergency slide.” A second comment was missing from his report in The Guardian where he stated that people shouldn’t criticize passengers who took their carry-on luggage with them during the evacuation.
Truly unbelievable!
I can understand why The Guardian did not include that opinion in their article; it portrays Mr. Steinberg as a selfish fool who would put the lives of innocents of all ages and gender in incredible danger just to rescue their laptop or overnight bag. The unequalled incompetence of that statement is indicative of how little value the self-centered put on other human life that they would risk the safety of others for their own personal property. Mr. Steinberg should be fined by the FAA for ‘interfering in the duties of a flight crew member’, a $5000 fine, as well as other fines including the endangerment of passenger safety.

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