Aircraft Accidents and Recommendations

I remember an episode of the original Star Trek (Court Martial), Doctor McCoy isolated everyone’s heartbeat with a device in order to find a missing crewman. Before he isolated everything, everyone’s heartbeat combined broadcast on the speakers was so much ‘static’ or ‘noise’; you couldn’t hear yourself think.
Alan Levin of Bloomberg Business wrote an article this week about the FAA ruling out cockpit redesign recommendations. The NTSB felt that, concerning Malaysia Airlines MH370, it was vital for the FAA to redesign black boxes, make it so they could not be disabled or turned off. The FAA nixed that idea, saying, “There appears to be no safe way to ensure recorders cannot be intentionally disabled while keeping the airplane safe from electrical failure that could become hazardous.” Furthermore, the FAA also rejected another recommendation by the NTSB, one concerning Germanwings 9525, to add video cameras to the cockpit; the FAA added that cameras add no compelling evidence to an investigation.
With the recorder recommendation, this would be a clear violation of FAR 25.1357 (a) which dictates the need for circuit protective devices, e.g. circuit breakers, for each electrical system. The video camera question? As I wrote in a yet-to-be-published article in AMT magazine, the placement and feasibility of cameras is impractical and the benefit, non-existent.
I just wish some of these recommendations were better thought out; that they would not drown out real solutions with all the unnecessary static they produce.

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