Aircraft Accidents Let’s Be Different This Week

Aircraft accidents, whether in the General Aviation or Commercial aviation industry, are disasters. They are tragedies that devastate families, destroy lives, and upend confidence in aerospace. It helps to point out that in this world of fallible, man-made uncertainty there are those airlines that will always reach out a hand to help.
We often hear about the wrongs that airlines do with regards to fares or over-booking; indeed, these are questionable issues that taint the airline industry’s image. But more frequently unrecognized is when the airlines are involved in philanthropic undertakings: providing free services simply because they can. They have the aircraft, they have the personnel, and they have the financial means to carry out these projects, yet stay well below the radar of the media and public eye.
Just recently, following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, FedEx committed aircraft, pilots and aid; they joined with international relief organizations to move medical supplies, medicines, food, water, temporary housing, and communication equipment to Nepal in a humanitarian effort to reach out to fellow human beings. To be fair, most cargo and passenger airlines have been helping others with disaster relief in all corners of the globe.
And they have been doing it for years, in both large and small ways. Do you remember Baby Jessica McClure, who fell in a well in her aunt’s backyard in Midland, TX, in October 1987? The equipment used to free that 18 month old was shipped for free on a cargo jet. Whether it’s a tsunami in Japan or the earthquake in Haiti, each are examples where airlines have stepped up, they’ve supported the military assistance efforts and they’ve represented the best in human nature.
And they’ve made disasters just a little bit easier to bear.

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