The Aircraft Accident Circus is Back in Town

A Germanwing’s A320, flight 9525, after achieving cruise altitude out of Barcelona, tragically crashed into the French Alps. The investigation team is burdened with several mysteries: why radio silence for several minutes? Why the aircraft casually lost altitude and crashed? Due to damage to the FDR and CVR, what information can eventually be collected, if any? This can mean only one thing:
The Idiot Circus is in town – Bring on the Accident Expert Idiots!
Theories and speculation will now be the order of the day as dozens of ‘aviation safety experts’ – some of whom may actually know what they’re talking about – will beat the stuffing out of every possible cause, from terrorism to space aliens. And they will do this at the expense of the emotional stress of the victims’ families and the forward movement of the investigation.
Some day we will learn that these clowns are only feeding a media’s blood frenzy and that they are causing more harm than good.
God bless the victims and God bless their families. May common sense prevail and let us mute the Accident Expert Idiots and let facts prevail.
NOTE: Before this was placed in my Blog, the announcement came today that the first officer allegedly crashed the aircraft on purpose. Our prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.
Now, however, the terrorist ‘experts’ have started in with grassy knolls and conspiracy theories. And that did not stop the Speculation Circus yesterday, nor did it prevent the Idiot Experts from fueling the media’s frenzy and creating more havoc for the victims’ families. For once, can’t we be responsible adults and let the facts play out, give the grieving process a chance to take effect without piling on with unnecessary speculation?

One thought on “The Aircraft Accident Circus is Back in Town”

  1. The talking heads go on camera to feed their fragile egos. I doubt it’s for the money.

    All they need to do is say no.

    That’s what I’ve done several times.

    That’s what Ron Schleede does.

    FWIW, David Soucie is actually worth turning up the volume to hear. That last lady NTSB Chairman is also pretty interesting.

    Not so with Scary Mary, pretty Christine, Dr. Al, handsome Greg, equally handsome Capt. Cox, Peter Goltz, John J. Nance, Chairman Hall, etc.

    You’ll likely not post this one – if you do, erase the names above.

    V/R, Doug MO4415

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