A UAV as an unintentional cause of aircraft accidents?

This past week an article came out in a United Kingdom journal about cyber-crime and its effects on aviation safety; in other words, what if someone were to pirate the controls or systems of an airliner?
I’m sure that much has been done since the fears of Y2K to assure that a computer could not go Terminator on us, taking over the controls and crashing an aircraft on purpose. For those of us who remember the Y2K fear, the belief was that computers would be confused by the transition from 99 to 00 as in 1999 to 2000.
But the computers turned out to be not so diabolical. But does the technological knowledge exist for computer geniuses to be able to – not take over a government drone – steal a drone big enough and invisible enough to fly into an engine on approach? Before September 2001, no one but Tom Clancy imagined an airliner being used as a weapon of mass destruction. I am not voicing a concern that drones are bad or a poor business investment. But how much easier would it be to use someone’s toy or business drone as a weapon? How much easier would it be to rob a drone from someone who does not employ the latest high tech safeguards?
Just think about it.

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