Missing: One Aircraft Accident

I was doing some research, looking for an aircraft accident investigated in 2004; the DC-9 accident site was outside Mitu, Colombia and occurred on December 18, 2003. Three men perished when the aircraft fell from 23,000 feet. I located the accident on two separate sites by using a search engine with the words: Mitu, DC-9, and accident. It wasn’t on the NTSB website, which is strange because it was the NTSB that sent me to Colombia to investigate.
The description of the circumstances: the aircraft was cleared to descend from 23,000 to 7,000 feet; it then explains that the aircraft struck a mountainside after disappearing from radar. However this isn’t accurate. It was not controlled flight into terrain; it was a system failure that brought the aircraft down. The crew knew they were crashing the whole time, the entire way to the accident site. How do I know this? I listened to the cockpit voice recorder. The pilots bravely tried to regain control, but the aircraft was beyond hope, falling like a rock to the ground.
It bothers me that an accident thoroughly investigated was mis-diagnosed as CFIT. The submitted probable cause was as accurate as could be determined; it was supported by banging noises caught by the CVR. The sounds were analyzed by the CVR manufacturer and verified by the NTSB’s CVR expert.
The noises came from behind the cockpit, perhaps twenty feet towards the wing box. It was where the pallets of freight were located.
This is not theory; I know everything about this accident first hand. I wrote in my book about bureaucratic deceptions. My concern is that there were more than one of these DC-9s out there, flying in the years before being retired or sold to a third world country.

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