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John Goglia

“Yes, this book put me right back into those days at the NTSB. It is by far the most realistic rendering of how aviation accident investigations are handled, the politics, the pressures, the infighting. And how there are still some dedicated, heroic and unsung heroes in those agencies, fighting the good fight to make air transportation as safe as possible for the flying public.”

John Goglia, former NTSB Board Member from the Foreword for Jet Blast

Rene Verjans

“Certainly in the beginning it is a matter of remembering a lot of names and also the course of the investigation is broadly set out, but than a beautiful and exciting plot starts to develop and finally the solution is found during a test flight with a thrilling and dramatic conclusion.
It is a fiction story but written with a high reality level. Names and places shall be known by the aviation lovers. The writer knows very well what is going on in the aviation world and is also seen his background, known with the investigation procedures, that are described.
A very nice book for everyone who is interested in how the investigation commission actually works, to come to a solution of the how and why of an airplane crash.”

Rene Verjans,

“The Search for a Probable Cause”

“This is a novel about aircraft accident investigation, a subject with which I am very familiar. Carbone nails it – this is as close to reality as I have ever seen in a popular novel. Of course, since he is a former investigator, I would expect that his experiences would be reflected in the book, but, I have read other novels on the subject and they always veer off into a never-never land of inaccuracies and irrelevant side-plots. Not this one. This is a step-by-step account of how investigations are conducted, and how conscientious investigators sometimes butt heads with management and other special interests in order to get to the truth. If you are a gear-head who enjoys a detailed investigative puzzle, you will like this book. The characters are very realistic, and representative of the folks that actually do this kind of work. And, even though this is a fictitious accident, it is absolutely plausible. Highly recommended.”


Jet Blast is a Hit

“I loved this book! I have an aviation maintenance and accident investigation background, so I am a somewhat demanding reader. Too often the aviation books I have read left me cold because the authors set up impossible plots or made technical errors in the narrative that grate on the reader who has any real aviation experience. Not so this great read! Mr. Carbone writes with an obvious depth of familiarity with today’s complex aviation electronic systems, the government agencies that police the industry, and the men and women who fly and maintain these sophisticated aircraft. I was hooked from the first chapter. The characters are genuine, the action realistic, and the plot certainly timely. I highly recommend Jet Blast to anyone who likes action, suspense and an insider’s view of accident investigation.”


Constance Lyons

“If Mister Carbone had been like other people with his level of expertise, he could have written a manual for people in the industry. Instead he brings a wealth of behind-the-scenes knowledge to a well-written tale that is engaging for anyone who likes a good read.”

Fauquier Times

Frank Del Gandio

In Jet Blast, ISASI member Stephen Carbone uses his skills as an accident investigator to tell the story of an aircraft accident and the subsequent investigation conducted by the national Transportation Safety Board. The writer did an excellent job of illustrating the numerous entities involved in the investigation and their interrelationships.

President of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators

Dr. Maxine Lubner

Jet Blast is a fascinating, enjoyable and informative novel about the aviation industry. The characters resonate with my experiences and are enjoyable to observe. The information presented as background on the technological sophistication of the inner workings of today’s aircraft is the most fascinating. Complex details are explained with patience and clarity. The process of accident investigation is dealt with in a compassionate and reassuring manner, to show how rare accidents are and how safe the industry is in reality. I would recommend that anyone in the aviation or any high-consequence industry learn more about their fields in this easy-to-digest format. This novel clearly accomplishes the dual goals of education and entertainment!

Professor and Chair of Management Dept., Vaughn College of Aeronautics


An excellent book written by an expert aviation professional who really knows aircraft accident investigation. The mixture of technology and aircraft accidents is a timely subject. As pilots become more dependent on technology to fly the airplane, the technology interference with the control of the aircraft will become a major issue leaving accident investigators to sort through the very situations Mr. Carbone has described in his book. Bravo and well done. I highly recommend this book.

Mr. Wayne Allen

I really enjoyed this book. Even though it is a fiction novel, the conflict between the goals of the FCC versus the NTSB is well known. I have long enjoyed reading about air accident investigations and this novel was right up my alley. I share the author’s concerns that today’s pilots are more monitors than active controllers of aircraft. Having stated that, the world managed to get through all of 2017 without a single fatality in scheduled commercial airline jet operations. It will likely be some years yet before the travelling public will accept complete elimination of pilots on flights they take.



If you like aviation, this book is for you. Some of it is hard to understand if you are not an aviation nut, like me. But I still think it was a great book. And I would recommend to others.


Mr. Andrew Jones

The perfect thriller for serious aviation buffs, or anyone who has worked in the industry. Yes it is quite technical, but for me this only added to the general interest and realism of the story. The characters are also very well developed and very believably captures the personality clashes that tend to develop between self-important bureaucrats and dedicated problems solvers.


Wayne Allen

I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel in the series. Even though FCC regulations are now in place governing the transport of lithium ion batteries, and the problems with the 787 aircraft battery seem to have been resolved, as the author points out there are other items loaded in the cargo compartments that may contain lithium ion batteries that may have been overlooked! As we all know, a fire aboard when airborne can quickly become a disaster. I look forward to what I hope are more novels in this series.


Douglas Hughes

This air safety investigation novel was authored by someone who has actually participated in investigations.