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Welcome to Stephen Carbone’s Article page.  Stephen tries to post a new article every Saturday and at any time that the aviation industry is impacted by events or changes that affect those who follow his post.

Stephen also posts about: composing for aviation journals, authoring aviation fiction or just writing in general.  He has discovered a niche, an untapped aviation fiction genre – not that there aren’t any aviation novelists; there are many pilots and other aviation enthusiasts who can speak, whether fictionally or non-fictionally, on what it is like to fly above the clouds.

However, Stephen speaks from different points of view of the aviation technician and, in some cases, the engineer.  His background includes working on the latest digital technology airliners … and many that are of the ‘analog’ variety.  His first-hand experiences in major accident investigation and airline inspection, give him a unique view into the world of aviation safety.  He can tap his involvement in investigations, risk analysis, surveillance and troubleshooting to relate the important topics to anyone enthusiastic about aviation and aviation safety.  As an aviation instructor, he helps aviation professionals to understand the importance of being diligent in aviation safety, from FAA inspectors to international aviation personnel, industry professionals and NTSB investigators.

Although a regular contributor to aviation journals, Stephen believes the best way to communicate what he believes are of vital importance is through fiction.  “Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.  It is this quote that inspires Stephen’s fictional writing, because he can either teach safety by rote (non-fiction) or by getting the point across while entertaining with a story.

After all, stories are so much more fun to read.

  • All opinions are that of Stephen Carbone and do not reflect any agency, government or private.  Opinions are based on Stephen’s 36 years in the aviation industry.

2 thoughts on “My Website’s Articles”

  1. Nice article on the Drone Lobbyist groups/ I made sure AOPA, and my former boss at AOPA, got a copy.

    Are you retired or just doing this in your spare time?

    After I retired from AOPA, I’ve decided …No more paying jobs.

    TR Proven

    1. Thank you for forwarding the article to AOPA, I truly appreciate the vote of confidence. I’m still a few years from retirement, but looking forward to it. Hope all is well with you and thank you for your comments to the website; I’m in the process of getting both novels in paperback version and I am trying to build up viewers to the website to get some dialogue going.

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